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Phrak – Devil In Disguise (ft. Jenti) (Killuminati Follow Up)

Phrak – Devil In Disguise (ft. Jenti)
Taken from the “Revelations 8:7” Mixtape
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Produced & Directed By HST – @HostileProducer

(C) 2013 Execution Music Ltd


Settle down now, class in session,
ima answer as many question you may ask on this act of terror
whether you letting all of the speech that they had deter us,
the facts linger to say this a false flag occurrence.
see when you scratch the surface, and you really get into it
you begin to realise that you missed the coincidence,
so lets put together the evidence, whatevers relevant,
plane hits, theres a flash a second ahead of it,
and within the wreckage, the records of measurements missing?
for the first time in history, who the fuck are you kidding?
so while the victims relatives guessing the terrorists did it,
the potential is questioned so I’m second guessing a minute,
and drawing a line underneath all of the lies we been fed
as explanation, exposing the whole truth to the nation.
don’t be stupid lets make, our own conclusions today
and see the planes were used in a way for mr bush to gain.

CHORUS (Jenti):

its time to FIRE,
See the truth beneath the lies,
find the devil in disguise
reload and, FIRE.
its all in front of our eyes,
we just never realise,
time to fire.

Verse 2:

you see what is crazy, we never expect this level of hatred
20 minutes later aw shit a second plane hits,
we didn’t see it coming, nah, not on a radar,
the look upon our faces replaced with the anguish
and anger, we instantly look for whose to blame,
its dangerous, osama bin laden/mr hussein,
lets gather up our weapons let us launch an attack back
but we haven’t sat and thought who is having the last laugh?
so bring it on back and let us have a new crack
would it still be the same if you had known what was happening?
and knew they were cashing in, hitting the jackpot,
insurance job? you sure thats not why they attack? watch.
be a cynic for a minute and you gonna witness,
just what it is that they have gained while we have all become victims,
its sickening, cos the thing is, we just all got together,
without thinking who it was, that could have ever severed us.


Verse 3:

so we’re stressing, we think we know who it is we are messing with,
we blame it on the terrorists, nobody second guesses it,
unite the nations, its ammo for martial law,
the government hides the evidence declares us in a war,
on terror but furthermore, what we never could have thought,
it was false flag, WHAT? its all been planned before,
so look into operation northwoods, you will see,
we attack our own nation for invasion overseas
and paint them as enemies, can someone please explain
why we honour their beliefs and dump osama out at sea,
yet let sadamn hang, live for all to see
but we’re all too fatigued and that is why we believe,
the lies within their speech, what might have them in trouble,
we investigate the wreckage, find thermite in the rubble,
when you look into the trade centre seven go through it,
you hear the buildings owners tell the firemen to pull it.